About us


"ELTRAF-DM" Ltd is the successor of "Gancho Dimov" Ltd. in Shumen and is specialized in the production of different transformers. The company has been on the market since 1992. and as a result of the accumulated manufacturing experience, ensures reliability and high quality of production.


It is used in the electronics and electrical industry, household appliances, computing, measuring and control equipment, welding machines and more. Their application as operating and separating transformers in ship repair, machine-building and lifting equipment is also widespread. The production range includes single-phase and three-phase transformers from 20VA to 50kVA conforming to EN 61558.


Transformers are made in accordance with the design of the products in which they are used. The insulating materials and conductors used are thermal grade F and H and the impregnating components for vacuum impregnation based on epoxy resins and lacquers provide a working temperature range of the products from -40C to + 50C.